30-08-2010 11:02

Deputy of Sports in Castellón, Luis Martinez, Institutional Relations, Esther Pallardó, today presided over the Provincial Council signed a cooperation agreement between the commercial Aguas de Orotana, S.L., and the Federation of Pilota Valenciana.

Under the agreement will allow the water bottling from Artana (Castellón), Orotana, is present in the International Championships of “Pilota” to develop during the month of September throughout the Valencian County, Europilota 2010.

The President of the Valencian Federation, Ramón Sedeño, highlighted “the importance of having a partner like Orotana, which is now close to Pilota Valenciana, as Castellón’s Deputy which has built some pilota facilities some years ago.

Sports Congressman wanted to highlight “the good time going through the pilota Valenciana in all disciplines in the province due in large part to the large investment from the institution and from the councils themselves have made in the matter, getting facilities own twenty-first century for a sport with so many years ago. ”

For its part Pallardó has welcomed the signing of this agreement because “any initiative that will benefit from any of the municipalities that sell water is good for the province and has the backing of the institution from where the significant economic and promotional efforts mineral waters Castellón. Pallardó added that “this must be the tendency of associations, federations, and even the government, a trend is going to consume local produce from this province and the water is one of the greatest assets of our territory.”

Europilota 2010 in its eighth edition is the most important event in history for all disciplines of handball. This time will be six participating countries, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, England and Spain with players representing the Comunitat Valenciana. As new features first international competition in women’s categories, while coinciding in its opening ceremony at Moncada on 7 September with the opening of the City of Pilot that will house the permanent headquarters of the International Confederation of Jeaux de Balle .

Orotana’s manager, Adolfo Garcia, has stated that “the commitment of Orotana with the signing of this agreement once again shows that this is an investment for the future with a wonderful image promotion effort, new challenges and commitment to our origins and traditions. ”
The next item that will be held September 8 in the trinquet of Xilxes in Joc Internacional bringing these disciplines to fans that the sport has in the province.

Regarding the 2010 championship Europilota deputy stated that “this is an innovative and inclusive tournament in which representatives of all the terms and sensitivities of this sport and that will reflect the commitment that the deputation has been made to promote, enhance and protect the pilota Valenciana . ”