Chilches/Xilxes is a small town on the coast of Castellón which is a prime spot for holidaymakers, having upgraded its infrastructure for tourism in recent years. It offers quiet beaches of fine sand, water sports such as windsurfing or catamaran sailing, and hiking in the natural setting of La Marjaleria, which has n umerous protected species. Besides all this, the excellent gastronomic offering of typical Mediterranean cuisine, including fresh produce from local market gardens, is there to be enjoyed.

Town centre

In Chilches/Xilxes, the ideal places to take a quiet stroll are the pedestrian streets: Calle de la Iglesia (with the church in) and Calle Arbelló, and the square named after King Alfonso XIII. Another recommended place is the Square of Christ Most Holy of La Junquera, which is a landmark because of its beautiful gardens, laid out in two concentric circles from bigger to smaller; in the smaller one there’s a charming pergola with a wooden ceiling. The most emblematic place is the Plaza de España, where can be found the Town Hall, the parish church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary (late 17th century), which is of Baroqueorigin and neoclassic style, however it has undergone different refurbishments over the years.


The town’s festivals are religious and cultural in nature. Besides the festivals of Christ of La Junquera, where theatrical and musical events are staged, the festival of St. Vicente Ferrer, during the week following Easter Sunday, is a meeting point between musical performances, variety shows and sports championships. On the Saturday before 15th August, the public festivities in honour of St. Roc are started on the beach; the most important of these being the craft and alternative fairs held on the promenadecidos.


The local cuisine is based on the Mediterranean diet. Its most famous dishes are the Valencian and seafood paellas, arròs caldós (stewed rice) and arròs negre (black rice in squid’s ink). Other Mediterranean dishes are prepared such as the fideuà (paella made with noodles) and pastries such as the “coques de tomaca” or escudellades, and the glòria and boniato (sweet potato) pastries.

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